Kidney Donor Desperately Needed For A Wife and Mother

This website is about Ana Rendich, my wife and mother to three. Ana has end stage kidney disease which means that Ana is in dialysis three days a week. So I am helping out because she needs to have another transplant. My name is Glenn, I am her husband, and doctors have indicated that for different reasons she will need a kidney from a living donor. She also is on the waiting list from a cadaveric kidney. Only about 1 in 10 people on that list get a kidney each year. People on the waiting list often don’t live long enough or get too sick for a transplant. Ana‘s antibodies has created another issue for the transplant team. She has been admitted to the most complex program in the nation‘s The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center’s Incompatible Kidney Transplantation Program .

Not too many people are a match to Ana. For her this is not going to be easy to find that special donor that makes a transplant possible.

Ana is a wonderful person, a wife and a mother, who has struggled with kidney problems for many years. She started to have high blood pressure since she was ten years old but at that time they could not figure it out why or what was wrong. She was first diagnosed with kidney disease when she was fourteen years old. There was little that could be done at that time but through strict diet, and clean living Ana was able to avoid kidney failure for a very long time. In 2008, Ana received a kidney from another wonderful and exceptional lady. But Ana kidney started to fail due to the complexity of the antibody-immunology issues. Fortunately doctors know now much more about this problem and they know how to indentified it and what to do to avoid kidney failure caused by this health threat.

Now she is back on dialysis.

Ana can’t do much now. Takes a short walk sometimes. Travel is a problem as dialysis is 3 days every week. Ana is an artist and Ana’s paintings have won many awards. Ana used to help other young artists when she is not raising two also wonderful teenage daughters and served on the board of different organizations. Ana still donates her paintings to charities when they ask to help them raise funds. But Ana does not paint so much anymore. Ana still volunteers at the school PTO but she cannot do all the things for others she used to. Dialysis takes away freedom but also slowly has weakened her. Dialysis does that to you. But Ana has a chance to get back into life with a transplant.

Dialysis does help but it causes all sorts of problems. Not being able to sleep, cramps, nausea and vomiting, headaches, anemia, fatigue and blood infections are some of the things that can happen to people on dialysis. Ana has experienced it all. During dialysis, Ana keeps several blankets on her. Why? Because when blood is leaving you into a machine over and over again you get very cold. Doctors say donated kidneys keep people healthier and to live so much longer.

We have already checked our family and friends to see if we could donate to Ana but no one is a match. Two people have to match in order for one person to donate to another. We want to donate but we don’t match. It was hard for Ana to let me make this appeal but the bottom line is that unless I ask – the one person who wants to donate a kidney will not know about Ana and won’t be able to say yes. Ana does not want to bother anyone but I am asking you to help us do two things.

I ask you to ask yourself if want to give the gift of life to Ana. If you do, then please fill out the contact form on this website. An email with information will be sent to you along with a short form you will need to fill out. The first step is simple. You will talk to a transplant coordinator who will get some basic information from you. The hospital will mail you a blood sample kit to be taken at a lab or doctor near you. You fill out the form. If you are a match then the hospital will check to see if you are healthy and able to donate a kidney. Transplant centers will not accept a kidney from you if it is not safe for you. There are no medical costs to you through all of this. Our insurance will pay the medical bills. There is no pressure. You can always stop.

Or please help us spread the word that Ana needs a kidney. The more people who know the more likely it is that a special someone who wants to donate will give Ana the biggest gift anyone can ever receive: Life. Please link this site to your Facebook or other account. If enough people find out, if you help us draw a circle around people larger than any circle Ana and I can draw around family and friends, maybe that one special person can help Ana and donate life.

So we have to look and ask and hope to find someone who wants to save another person by being a kidney donor to Ana or help us to do that. We understand if you read this and say “this is not for me.” And that is OK. It is not for you. But if you believe in miracles please say a prayer for Ana. And please help us spread the word.